DJ Prince Kaybee warns Mzansi

DJ Prince Kaybee warns Mzansi

DJ Prince Kaybee warns Mzansi

DJ AND producer Prince Kaybee is asking people to help him report a fake Twitter account posing as him.

The Fetch Your Life producer retweeted a tweet by the account and asked people to report it.

He wrote: “Please help me report this account!!!”

Prince Kaybee retweeted a comment asking which artists should be cancelled forever. That account was defending singer Sjava against the rape allegations singer Lady Zamar made against him last year, saying he was innocent.

The account has the same picture as Prince Kaybee but instead, the name is Princess Kaybee. It already has over 7 000 followers.

In the bio, it is written: “I am jealous of Cassper Nyovest coz I can’t match him on anything.”

Similarly, a pinned tweet said: “@casspernyovest is the best, I am just a jealous idiot. I can never match his success so I am just gonna be a hater. Please help me hate him.”

When Prince Kaybee asked the person behind the account why they would pretend to be him, they responded: “How am I pretending to be you? I am @PrincessKay_SA not a ‘PRINCE’ a man wouldn’t be obsessed with another man.”

The person then went on to insult Prince Kaybee.

Like the account, people on Twitter have been accusing Prince Kaybee of being obsessed with Cassper Nyovest, especially after he commented about Cassper’s new sneakers with Drip.

Kaybee said starting a sneaker from scratch cost a lot of money and Cassper didn’t have it, that was why his sneaker is bad.

He commented on a post by someone who said Cassper was ruining the Drip brand.

“Just want to defend Sasko Sam here for once, starting and designing your own shoe from scratch is expensive, he doesn’t have the money to do that so best bet is get a Chinese existing design, put a tree and sell to Dome FillUps commercial business principal,” he wrote.

He also said he wasn’t obsessed with him, because Cassper has been doing interviews about him.

“Sasko Sam is on an interview run as we speak saying the same joke of how I’ve never sold a thousand tickets, like he wakes up and goes to interviews and speaks about me. I’ve seen two interviews already, when I respond it’s obsession, how?” he asked.

The two musicians have been planning a boxing match but haven’t updated people about it.

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