DJ Melzi celebrates girlfriend’s 20th birthday

DJ Melzi celebrates girlfriend’s 20th birthday

DJ Melzi celebrates girlfriend’s 20th birthday

DJ Melzi celebrates his girlfriend Andiswa The Bomb on her 20th birthday.

The DJ shared old photos of his lover on his Instagram and showered her with warming words.

Melzi wished her well and advised her in the lengthy piece shared.

Read below:

“May the lord show you with blessings and success to its fullest extent. May bestow nothing but greatness in your journey of life. May always protect you and your family. You are a blessing to all of us. We love to see you grow into a young lady. It is an amazing experience. From a tiny girl who was intimidated by the world to a young lady who is courageous and stands strong. Do not ever feel of any less importance. Always remember, “Betjie Betjie Maak Meer”. Every little step will always count. Success delayed is not success abounded.”

“Please never change who you are from within, stay focused, stay determined, stay driven, and remain a fighter. Go harder and harder. There is a lot more that this world needs to see from you. We are waiting for you to become the biggest and the strongest. Don’t ever be hard on yourself. You have done a lot for yourself and achieved way more than what people live there trying to achieve. For that, we give great thanks to the Lord himself.”

“We thank him for lending us one of his Gems. We thank him for your loving soul and your peaceful self. We thank Him for keeping you safe in this rough yet beautiful world. We thank him for actualizing your all hopes and dreams. We thank him for your undisturbed growth. We thank him for taking his time with you.”

“Tlhoka pelailo o tshepe Modimo ka di nako tsotlhe. Oska fela pelo, letsatsi letlatla mogwena jaka legodu. O bereke thata okgone gore lewena oje mofufutso wa phatlha yagao. Modimo agofe matla ago tshirelletse ogole o lekana le tlou. O eme ka mmaoto, Obe le tlotlego. Obe Motho sechabeng, Obe Motho garega Batho. Rekopa Modimo ago tlhonofatshe ebile ago okelletse matsatsi. O kganye ngwana Modimo. Modimo ago nee botshelo le matlhogonolo.”

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