DJ Fresh’s ex Penny Lebyane threatened with R150 000 bill

DJ Fresh’s ex Penny Lebyane threatened with R150 000 bill

DJ Fresh’s ex Penny Lebyane threatened with R150 000 bill

TV and Radio personality Penny Lebyane recently took to Twitter to open up after her child was admitted to the hospital.

Pouring her heart out, Penny said the devil works overtime. She revealed that she was threatened with a R150 000 bill following her baby’s hospital admission.

Without getting into too many details about her child’s health, She tweeted: “Because yesterday l said we must pray,l was planning to have a prayer space guess whose child got sick, mine just to get me distracted. Well, l prayed thru my anxiety wt, was at casualty until midnight & yes l was even threatened wt a 150k bill. But God🙌🏽,”

Penny added that her children are everything to her. She said they saved her from the evils of the entertainment industry, “My children are my greatest achievement, my greatest inspiration they came to give purpose to my life make it worthwhile…They redirected my losses to victory in their honor l do anything fr children & youth.”

In a series of tweets, Penny also opened up about her love life. She said she has had disappointments in love but this has not affected the way she sees men and relationships. “And yes l love man. Yes, l love South African men even more. Yes, l have had disappointments on the love partner side but l have incredible, amazing man/men in my life who are challenged but are good people, and l l care about them. I don’t hate them or anyone for that matter.

“I will protect myself with all l have in me. l will stand up for myself and l believe in forgiveness yet l will not let anyone trample on my peace no matter who you are and how much l might love u man and woman alike. My love is too precious and my heart is too full to fake it.”

A few months ago, the TV presenter made it clear that she will not be victimized. This was after the court dismissed her case against her ex-boyfriend DJ Fresh.

She told a local publication, that the DJ demanded her to pay R79000 for his legal fees.

Hitting back at Fresh’s demands, she told the publication: “The fact is that I am not paying you a cent, you will never see a penny from me…I must pay my hard-earned cash that I work for my children? No. I wanted to know how the system works because if you are going to put me in a court document, it means the only way I can get answers is in court.”

Taking to Instagram, Penny said she will continue fighting and she will not allow herself to be silenced. “I will not be victimized. I will never live in fear again. I was a child now l am grown,

“I know it’s bigger than me and l will stand cause l understand abuse of power has to be stopped period. The courts of this country can not be used to silence us,” she said.

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