DJ Bongz rejects claims that he is poor

DJ Bongz rejects claims that he is poor

DJ Bongz rejects claims that he is poor

DJ Bongz has made it clear that he is not poor.

The star denied the allegations saying he has multiple streams of income making him worth millions.

Responding to accusations that he is struggling, DJ Bongz said that he is actually good and has multiple streams of income.

“Lies! I hear people saying that I’m down and out. They do not know that I am a businessman who is worth millions of rands. My formidable business is buying and selling cars. My source of income is not only music. I also do events in which make people wonder how I am surviving since there is a lot of competition in this industry”

DJ Bongz has a new album titled Road Trip which he stuck to his roots of House music. With the world currently being dominated by Amapiano, he is staying true to his own sound and is not shaken.

“Yes, music has evolved as you know, currently there is a huge dominance of Amapiano. People don’t know that I have done a song with Kabza De Small as the versatile DJ that I am. I can work with anyone. I am not in competition with anyone. I believe I am a big brand and have worked hard to be where I am,” he says. “I have my followers who love my music and whenever I deliver a new project, I make sure that I give my fans good music.”

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