Dineo Ranaka is done

Dineo Ranaka is done

On the latest episode of Podcast And Chill with MacG, they were discussing Riky Rick’s passing and touched a little on whether social media plays a role on dampening a persons mental health or not. The team, Sol Phenduka, MacG and The Ghost lady not only discussed depression and how Riky Rick might have spoken about it in a much deeper level when he was still alive, but they also tried to make sense of everything.

They brought in two experts, a clinical psychologist and trauma counselor to dissect the topic in a much broader sense.

When they spoke about social media, Sol Phenduka and MacG revealed they have been victims of cyber bullying but they laughed about it and acknowledged that there might be people who are not as strong as they are.
MacG then shared a WhatsApp status written by Dineo Ranaka about social media and how she hates it with all her life. She finds it worrisome that industries nowadays make social media a requirement and they do not stop to think about people who are suffering mentally because of it.

“I despise the people who created social media, I truly do. I despise the fact that now the industries we work for, undervalue you if you don’t have social media. It’s a criteria now, a space that fuels misery for many has been now made a criteria. If I told my employers or clients that I am deleting my social media, they would freak out. Not thinking how much the damage it is causing me mentally is making me freak out.

“No one really gives a sh*t about mental wellbeing. Most of the people I have told I am deleting my account have advised me not to because work-this work-that. What about f**n mental health. I hate that space, I freaking hate social media and how we are professionally coerced into having it. I don’t want it my mind can’t handle it,” she apparently wrote on her WhatsApp status.

Dineo Ranaka has a pretty healthy social media presence as she posts a lot on her Instagram pages. Not so much Twitter, which is the one place people despise the most, especially celebrities because they get bullied often.

Dineo is always labelled toxic because of the drama she always gets embroiled in. She is painted as the bad guy by many people and she is well aware of that. For her mental wellbeing, Dineo says she temporarily unfollows people on social media, “You can be offended but that’s on you. But I temporarily unfollow people for my mental wellbeing.”

She said all the labels given to her by society would have probably killed her but lucky for her, she has a good brain so she is still alive.

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