Dineo Ranaka drops pearls of wisdom on ‘mind retirement and self-love’

Dineo Ranaka drops pearls of wisdom on 'mind retirement and self-love'

DJ and motivational speaker Dineo Ranaka has some words of wisdom to share about the importance of “isolating external influences” and spending more time alone.

“The power in mind retirement is when you isolate yourself from external influences so you can elevate yourself with internal influences,” she said in a video on Instagram.

Dineo encouraged people to spend more time alone, explaining that this will enable you to understand your thought processes more and help to build confidence.

“When you have spent so much time with yourself, the moment you walk out the door, nobody can argue with what you believe in and nobody can turn your mind against what you have convinced yourself on,” she said.

Dineo added that spending healthy amounts of time alone also helps with having a positive outlook on life, self-trust and increased personal value.

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