Did Minnie Just Throw Shade At Hubby?

Did Minnie Just Throw Shade At Hubby?

One of the downsides of written texts includes, a general tone being totally misconstrued.

Such was the case with Minnie Dlamini – Jones’s post on Twitter, after tweeting that she yearns to be all alone, during the upcoming twenty one days of being quarantined due to the global corona virus pandemic. While some simply perceived the nuances of Minnie’s post as is, others wondered if this was a cryptic state of her marriage.

The 29 year old is married to fellow creative practitioner, Quintin Jones. These two lovebirds usually keep a low profile, however with Minnie’s recent tweet, there’s been a barrage of mixed reactions to what the actual meaning of it could be.

The streets of Twitter dissected Minnie Dlamini’s tweet, with many questioning her implications of sbwl’ling these upcoming 21 days all to herself!

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