Denise Zimba reveals why she left her marriage with Jakob

Denise Zimba reveals why she left her marriage with Jakob

Denise Zimba reveals why she left her marriage with Jakob

Denise Zimba lets the cat out of the bag after her estranged husband Jakob Schlichtig demands that she return their two children to Germany. The couple tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony in April 2022, but it came to an end, and the actress has been caring for her girls.

According to Sunday World, Zimba left the marriage because of infidelity and negligence of his responsibilities to her and the kids.

“What led to my depression, amongst other things except cheating, was that he was not helping me at all with [the] children. The second applicant had mentioned many times that I am not a priori­ty to him, and the 2% energy he did was for the children, and that [I] must accept the ‘phase’ we are in,” the South African star revealed in court papers.

“I requested him to pay for a flight for my mother to come to Germany and help me with children, he also refused, but he took his cat to the doctor and paid 900 euros,” she stated in the affidavit. Zimba further revealed that her German husband abused her emotionally and cheated on her with other women.

“The second applicant is indeed cheating. I once found him masturbating while texting another female, and (name withheld) was asleep in the room. During the confrontation, I requested his phone as he was shaking. He voiced that he cannot be in a marriage where he cannot touch himself,” she said in the affidavit.

Denise Zimba reveals why she left her marriage with Jakob

“The second applicant is emotionally abusing me with words because he does tell me that I am poor and I cannot do anything because I do not have money.”

“The second applicant also voiced that l will never get a man better than him, and no man wants a woman with two kids,” she stated in the affidavit. The actress also explained why she won’t be returning her kids back to Germany.

“No one will be looking after the children in Germany because the second applicant is a businessman in Germany and in South Africa, and he is not helping me at all with the children. He even refused to help me by hiring a helper for me,” reads the affidavit.

“I am unemployed and looking after the children. My mother is unemployed and helping me. No one will be looking after children in Germany.”

“In Germany, we rented an apartment. The lease is expiring not long [from now]. In South Africa, we own a house in Cape Town,” she stated.

Denise Zimba said Jakob’s family were of no help to her while she was in Germany, as they only visited 4 times, and refused to assist with the kids. However, she gives her ex-husband the chance to see his kids whenever he is in South Africa.

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