Daring man robs Sangoma Boity Thulo

Daring man robs Sangoma Boity Thulo

Daring man robs Sangoma Boity Thulo

Sangoma and musician Boity Thulo was allegedly scammed after offering assistance to a Twitter user who claimed to be in need.

It’s no secret Boity is giving a soul. Whenever there is a fan in need, superhero Boity is there to the rescue!

However, it seems her kindness has landed her in troubled waters.

It all began after the star tweeted #ChooseKindness. A tweep came across her sentiments and asked the rapper to provide them with funds to purchase school shoes for their younger brother.

Boity helped the man, but was soon told by another follower that she had helped the same man with shoes a few days earlier.

“It happens. It’s OK. The intention to help was pure and that’s all that matters,” Boity responded.

Many praised Boity for her generous nature, and called out the user for allegedly duping the TL.

Here are some of the responses:

Boity is definitely a sweetheart, and her kindness isn’t just for her fans.

On bestie Maps Maponyane’s birthday, the star penned a heartfelt letter and declared her love for him.

“You know words are never enough! Thank you, Mapsy. Thank you! For your heart, selflessness, your love. Thank you for always showing up for me. You have been a phenomenal part of my journey through this life thing!

“May you continue to shine and rise as you always do. May your year be filled with answered prayers, peace of mind and the total feeling of God’s love for you! Have an incredible one! I love you to the moon and back,” wrote Boity.

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