Connie Ferguson’s sister pens heartwarming message to her & their late Mom

Connie Ferguson’s sister pens heartwarming message to her & their late Mom

Connie Ferguson’s sister pens heartwarming message to her & their late Mom

Connie Ferguson‘s younger sister Atoise Pilane, recently took to Instagram to show her sister Connie and her late mother Margaret Masilo some love.

In a post, Atoise spoke fondly of them and expressed her gratitude for playing a significant role in her life. Atoise shared a side-by-side image of Connie and her late mother where they look alike from their skin tone to their grey hair and said she is the woman she is today because of the role they have played in her life.

She further said she will forever be grateful for the two powerful women

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Connie’s mother died on the 25th July 2013. In a touching Instagram post, Connie paid tribute to her late mother.

“Moms, I will never stop loving you. Never stop missing you. I cherish all the memories I have of you. Sometimes your physical absence doesn’t feel real. Sometimes I think it’s all a dream, that I’ll wake up to a text message from you first thing in the morning. Those were my favorite!” she wrote

Connie and her sister are very close. The fitness enthusiasts are always seen at the gym together and they also work together at The Fergusons Films. Atoise is one of the producers at the renowned production company.

Connie also recently decided to gush over her hubby by dedicating the song “Have I Told You Lately” by singer and songwriter Rod Stewart.

Connie posted an Instagram story with Shona’s picture and decided to add music to the song, just to show her bae that she still has his back. Shona responded by saying “I love you more.” ahh, that was so sweet and inspiring.

Connie also lavished praises on her daughter asking whose child she is because she looks hella hot.

It is no secret that Connie is aging like fine wine and her fashion sense is impeccable and Lesedi got it all from her. Lesedi and her mom are very close and their relationship is all sorts of inspiring.

Lesedi is said to work for her famous parent’s production company Ferguson Films and she once appeared on the Sonia& Dali show on Massiv Metro where she talked about opening up the industry and said she supported the initiative.

Lesedi spoke about following her own dreams and making her own mark in the industry. The actress said she is not living under her parent’s shadow just because they are famous.

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