Connie Ferguson (Harriet Khoza)’s alleged salary at The Queen and The River revealed

Connie Ferguson (Harriet Khoza)’s alleged salary at The Queen and The River revealed

Connie Ferguson (Harriet Khoza)’s alleged salary at The Queen and The River revealed

Connie Ferguson is a celebrated South African star actress who doubles as Harriet Khoza on Mzansi Magic’s hit soapies The River and The Queen.

Connie Ferguson has been the face of both The Queen and The River cast. She has managed to maintain glory for more than 25 years. Connie’s stunning row as Karabo Moroka in Generations makes her a reckoning force in the entertainment industry.

The celebrated star actress was born in Kimberly, Northern Cape in South Africa. Growing up in Botswana, she later returns to South Africa.

Connie is the first daughter of Fish Masilo and the late Margaret Masilo. The veteran actress thrust into the limelight when she bagged a role at Generations. The business mogul and production manager made her television debut in 1994.

Probably she will go down with her Karabo Moroka on-screen character name to the grave. Her irreplaceable characteristics made a distinct actress on SABC 1 till she left Generations in 2010.

The anti-ageing Connie Ferguson, illustrious career spans for decades and she has made several television and film appearances.

Her longest engagement was with Generations from 1994 to 2010, then she took a break before returning in 2014 up to 2016. Connie’s return to Generations was to resurrect Africa’ hit soapie after it dropped viewership numbers.

Connie’s salary is not relatively known since she is a co-owner of the production company. Her vast experience in the film industry justifies her illustrious success which is capped with accolades. No doubt in South Africa, the Ferguson’s are the second richest actors.

However, Connie Ferguson estimated salary at The Queen is between a whooping R130 000 and R150 000 per month depending on scenes. The star actress recently receives tongue lashes for her conduct with other actors. Rumour has it the star actress earns the same monthly salary at The River despite being a guest. On The River, she also uses Harriet Khoza as her on-screen character name.

Connie Ferguson who also doubles as owner of Ferguson Films owner has been lashed for mistreating other actors and underpaying them.

In the award-winning Telenovela, ‘The River’, Connie Ferguson portrays the character of Harriet Khoza. The drama series is set in Pretoria against the backdrop of South Africa’s mining sector. Diamond discovery in the river running between the poor township of Refilwe and the affluent neighborhood of Silver Lakes quickly turns from a blessing to a curse.

Connie’s net worth estimates to approximately R22 million. Furthermore, Connie owns a fleet of luxury cars, among them a Maserati (est US$86 000) and a red Mercedes-Benz AMG63 (est US$92 000) which Shona buys as a surprise for her.

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