Connie and Shawna Ferguson about the reason for their expulsion of Queen actors: “It’s the story.”

Connie and Shawna Ferguson about the reason for their expulsion of Queen actors: "It's the story."

Ferguson Films has been on the receiving end of social-media hate after they fired multiple actors from their Mzansi Magic telenovela, The Queen.

Each time they made headlines, power pair Connie and Shona Ferguson have made it a point to ignore every accusation thrown at them. This leavese many fans questioning why so many actors have left their favourite show under such “shady” circumstances.

Late last year, veteran actress Vatiswa Ndara wrote an open letter to minister of sport, arts and culture Nathi Mthethwa. The star accused Ferguson Films of exploiting actors while they bagged millions. And since her revelation, public opinion of the couple has changed.

Following the latest departure of Dineo Moeketsi from The Queen, questions about the couple and how they treat their staff have made headlines.

And now the couple has finally responded to questions of why “they keep firing people”.

During a live Instagram chat with Themba Ndaba, who plays Brutus in The Queen, one of the fans who was watching the live stream asked, “Why do you keep firing people?”

Shona repleid: “Who is fired?” and then later says to his wife, “Answer, you want to answer.”

Connie then says, “Guys, this is a soap, it’s a telenovela, okay? Characters come and go. That’s how soaps operate.

“It’s for the story. Sometimes . . . to introduce another story but characters come and go. This is not something that is exclusive to The Queen or exclusive to Rockville or exclusive to Isibaya. It happens everywhere all the time,” she added before Shona says, “It is what it is. I hope you’re answered.”

“I think that’s what people don’t know. The reality of what we do is ‘you are going to see new people in and out’. It’s the nature of storytelling.”

Shona then said that people get bored at seeing old faces and they hire new talent which will lead to a character being written out.

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