Concentrated African Protein Mask for Hair Nutrition

African Protein Mask
– Do you have weak hair, which gives it an unattractive appearance? Who among us does not suffer from different hair problems, such as brittleness, falling, and dandruff? Weak hair is perhaps the most common problem faced by women of all ages.

Hair loss may be due to a number of reasons, including malnutrition, acute anemia, genetic problems, and lack of interest in external hair nutrition,

such as taking care of it and maintaining the work of various maskers promoting health, such as African Protein Mask vitamins, collagen, and others.

Hair also needs concentrated proteins to grow healthy.

Proteins nourish the roots of the hair and encapsulate the hair to become stronger and look healthy and shiny. To strengthen your hair and restore its shine and healthy appearance,

here is the African Protein Mask Mask with natural ingredients available in your home.

Try it today and don’t forget to share our results!

African Protein Mask Eggs and olive oil

One or two egg yolks depending on hair length and density

A full cup of milk for long hair and 1/2 cup for short and medium hair

2 tablespoons olive oil

Tablespoon lemon juice strainer


1- Whisk the egg yolk well with the hand mixer.

2- Add milk and olive oil to the egg yolks, and continue to whisk to ensure the consistency of the ingredients.

3- Add lemon juice to the mask immediately before use.

How to use

1 – Apply African Protein Mask on the hair from the roots to the ends, with massage the scalp with fingertips.

2- Cover the hair completely with a plastic cover for 15-30 minutes.

3- Rinse your hair first with lukewarm or cold water until the residue is completely removed.

4. Afterward, wash the hair with a gentle and mild shampoo to get rid of any traces of egg odor.

Tips to ensure the success of African Protein Mask

Do not rinse the hair with hot water, so that the eggs do not coagulate and stick to your hair.

Make sure to repeat this mask once to twice a month. Use egg yolks with dry hair, and replace them with egg whites only with oily hair.

If your hair is normal, use whole eggs. You can add drops of your favorite essential oil to beat the egg smell, and add a drop of liquid vanilla.


Benefits of the African Protein Mask for hair

The benefits of eggs on the hair

Eggs contain a concentrated percentage of protein,

which nourishes the hair and strengthens its roots,

as well as fatty acids, which give the hair a natural shine and protect it from dryness. Eggs also contain potassium that treats hair damage and dryness. Vitamin A protects hair from split ends and frizz,

and vitamin D protects the scalp from baldness and hair from falling out. Eggs also contain vitamin B12, which helps stimulate hair growth, and calcium,

which helps prolong and stimulate hair growth. This is unlike a group of enzymes that help to analyze bacteria, which helps to effectively clean and disinfect the scalp.

Benefits of milk and olive oil on hair

Milk works to moisturize and soften hair, while olive oil helps to moisturize hair and is a natural alternative to hair conditioner. It also works to protect it from damage and brittleness and provide it with fatty acids that protect it from dehydration and gain gloss and vivid appearance.