Chicco Twala’s son Longwe speaks as gun that killed Senzo Meyiwa is found – Kelly Khumalo in trouble

Chicco Twala’s son Longwe speaks as gun that killed Senzo Meyiwa is found – Kelly Khumalo in trouble

Chicco Twala's son Longwe speaks as gun that killed Senzo Meyiwa is found – Kelly Khumalo in trouble

The murder of Bafana Mafana and Orlando pirates goalkeeper might have been a hit.

This was said by musician Chicco twala’s son Longwe Twala who was with Meyiwa and his girlfriend Kelly Khumalo when the player was gunned down at Khumalo’s home in vosloous in 2014.

“It minght have been a hit, I don’t know its 50/50. These guys demanded cellphones and money from us when Kelly ran into her room they followed her and left all of us in the dinning room.

“Senzo fought these guys because he was protecting his woman and that is why they shot him.Usenzoubeabashaya (Senzo was beating them)” he said

Longwe who was dating Kelly Khumalo’s sister Zandi at the time said he arrived at the house to chill with his girlfriend.

“When I was parking my car, Senzo and Kelly were walking to a spaza shop to buy some stuff. I walked into the hose and found Zandi, Kelly’s two children, her mother and Senzo’s friends Tumelo and Motho. Kelly’s mother told me the other people had already eaten and dished up for me,” he said.

Twala said Meyiwa and Khumalo returned from the shop and joined them in the house.

He said Zandi took Meyiwa’s daughter Thingo and placed her on the players lap for a few minutes. She then removed the child and placed her on Khumalo’s lap. She did that for a while as if she wanted Meyiwa to say goodbye to his child. The child fell asleep and Zandi put her to sleep in Khumalo’s room.

Twala said he and Meyiwa started chatting about football while other people in the house were drinking.

“Our discussion was interrupted by two men who stormed into the house and shouted ‘lethani imali namacellphones’. Kelly ran to the bedroom where her child was sleeping,” he said.

He said they all froze and didn’t know what to do for a few minutes. He stood up and charged at one of the robbers closest to him but the man drew a fire arm.

“The two men followed Kelly to the room, Senzo charged at the man with the gun he said.

“Twala said during the struggle that ensued, the gun discharged. The first bllet hit the floor, the secong the door the third hit Senzo in the chest and existed from the back.

He said Meyiwa was trying to defend his woman.”This might have been a hit, I don’t know. Maybe it was just an armed robbery. Maybe more people could have died if Senzo did not fight these guys” he said

Longwe said he is still traumatized by the incident…

It has been six years and no one has been arrested for the murder of the goalie, However a few theories have been going aroung with some claiming his girlfriend Kelly is behind the murder of Senzo, recently we published a story where a hitman claimed Kelly called the hit claiming Senzo was about to dump the singer yet he had promised to marry her.

Recently It has been gathered that the gun used in the murder of Senzo Meyiwa has been found and the police are so close to nailing the killer.

Kelly on the other hand revealed she wrote a letter to the police giving them details that might help in the nabbing of the man who ended the life of Senzo Meyiwa.

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