Cassper Nyovest opens up about fatherhood

Cassper Nyovest opens up about fatherhood

Cassper Nyovest opens up about fatherhood

Rapper Cassper Nyovest opened up about a number of things in a new episode of “Slikour on Life” on YouTube.

The “Any Minute Now” album maker spoke about his new album, being a new father, his boxing training for his match with arch-rival AKA and the status of his relationship with Riky Rick.
Everybody gets bored of seeing the same thing, the same trick, so the fact that Cassper is number one, this is six years later is boring.

“They trying to create something that’s more exciting because it’s boring to see you again and again, keep winning.

“This is my fifth album and it’s my best album. I say they have seen me win so many times, they get excited when I lose.

“I finally understand that I’m not only competing with my enemies, I’m competing with everybody, at any given point the guy who’s next to me can take the sword and slit my neck because he wants to be number one.
Cassper Nyovest opens up about fatherhood
And I finally understand that and I’m not offended by it any more. I just want to let n*gga know that I’m ready. And I’m finally prepared to lose anybody who’s right next to me to remain where I belong, because I worked for it”.

On his relationship with Riky Rick he said:

“To be honest we still haven’t got to the bottom of what actually happened. I’m not confrontational, as soon as I see that the energy is off, I’m out, unless you come to me.

“When I saw the interview I was confused, disappointed and hurt but I’ve been through so many of those but I didn’t think it would happen with Riky. But I had to gear up because I knew what was going to happen.

“There were a couple of subliminals in songs, I could hear. It was not direct but I knew it was for me.

“I was like then I have to take that approach too. If somebody is going all out at me, I can’t go all out at them, but I definitely have to say something to let them know that I’m not going to back down,”.

On his boxing training he said:

“I was training from the beginning of lockdown and I was fight ready from last month, but then I had a kid and I moved to Durban and I stopped training for a month.

“It was like a big party waiting for this kid. I had one of the best births ever.

“I don’t think a lot of people experience what I experienced. My whole family moved to Durban.

“And we were partying everyday as a family. But I am back now. This is my second week back at training, I hurt my shoulder a bit, but I’m getting back. So I’m like full time boxing now,”.

”I was on the phone with his manager for the date of the fight.

“It is taking long because of business. Everyone is demanding this and that. Everyone sees this big cheque on the day which is not realistic.

“Everyone sees us make R10 million each, I don’t see that. What I want to do is fight. I’m tired of talking, we’ve been talking for so long, so I think we getting somewhere.

“The fight is definitely happening. It has to happen.

“Hopefully on the other side it kicks in that “I want to fight” and forget the business. On the night people are going to see another side to me that they didn’t know”.

Cassper also spoke about how he met his baby mama in 2017, Thobeka Majozi and their plan to have a baby.

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