“Captain Sthembiso Radebe” speak out why he left The Queen Mzansi

“Captain Sthembiso Radebe” speak out why he left The Queen Mzansi


“Captain Sthembiso Radebe” speak out why he left The Queen Mzansi

Mlamli Mangcala who played Captain Sthembiso Radebe on The Queen Mzansi uncovers why he left the soapie.

Mangcala charges The Queen Mzansi proprietors Connie and spouse Shona Ferguson of lying and misdirection. He uncovered that the couple owes him cash since season one. In his portrayal he uncovered the show executives for presenting him to the most exceedingly awful working conditions.

I played Captain Sthembiso Radebe since season one. It was a little job that was going to take 2 months. The channel and Ferguson films cherished the character and concluded that I proceed for a year.

I acknowledged their proposal during the two months to be in their database. I’m situated in CPT and I needed to fly myself, oblige and furthermore acknowledge a rate that was multiple times not exactly my typical rate.

At the point when they approached me to remain in for a year I inquired as to whether we could take a gander at my rate, voyaging, settlement and pedium. They vowed to do that when we go to season 2. I acknowledged despite the fact that they gave me an accept the only choice available mentality when we got to arrangements for season 2.

“Captain Sthembiso Radebe” speak out why he left The Queen Mzansi

They just gave me an expansion of R100. We gotta to season 3 and they gave me a worldwide agreement however with an expansion of R100 once more. This time they will vow to give me all that is because of me in the following season and that never occurred. We got the opportunity to season 4 and the equivalent occurred.

This time they suited me at the Khoza house that has in excess of 6 rooms. I was anyway offering a bed to the man of his word who was caring for the House. I whined about this yet it was rarely arranged.

In October I revealed to them that I will no longer stand to venture out to Johannesburg and furthermore can no longer have a similar bed with another person. They vowed to sift through everything in season 5 and I have composed reports of that. They paid for my departures from October until December from Cape Town to Joburg and I needed to fly myself in 2020 for the agreement arrangements.

They guaranteed that my rate should will be adjusted, convenience and making a trip costs likewise to be obliged. Shockingly they called me a month ago to reveal to me they will be killing the character in light of the fact that Gomoras date went up and they required something that will climb their appraisals.

I’m in Cape Town and they needed me to return to Johannesburg this week driving my own vehicle and they will just compensation for my inbound voyaging costs and I would need to foot my own costs back. The Ferguson films made me to pay for being on TV.

I lost my vehicle and furthermore was in the skirt of losing my home until the parents in law saved me. I needed to alter the standard of my living and the difficult issue is that my children needed to adjust to this bad dream. They gave me a proposal for the sake of conversing with the channel realizing very well it was a double dealing.

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