Calls for Mihlali Ndamase to be canceled for dating a married man

Calls for Mihlali Ndamase to be canceled for dating a married man

Calls for Mihlali Ndamase to be canceled for dating a married man

Alleged homewrecker, Mihlali Ndamase and Leeroy Sidambe are once again at the top of trending topic charts and this time around haters seem to be after their pay cheques.

Twitter blogger Musa Khawula took to social media on Sunday to share a petition that he had started to get international and local brands to pull out from working with the YouTuber, all because of her controversial relationship with Sidambe.

The petition had many of Mihlali’s fans and followers up in arms as they did not understand why Musa would want to ruin her career, and most said that a petition to get Musa cancelled should be in the works for all the damage he has done to many people’s reputations.

On the other hand, although Sidambe had claimed that his relationship with Ndamase came after he and his wife decided to call their marriage quits, many tweeps felt that the negative response Mihlali was getting for dating a legally married man was fair and just.\
So much so that they even took it further to compare the social media influencer with television personality Tweeps want Mihlali Ndamase canceled for dating a married man who experienced a knock in his career due to the cheating scandal he was involved in back in 2019.

Their argument is not that it is okay to ruin someones reputation over issues that may have happened in their personal affairs, but that because Maboe was dealt a tough hand in cancel culture which lead to his suspension from Expresso, as well as the end of partnerships he had with brands including Outsurance, then Mihlali should receive the same treatment.

Since Sunday evening, more than 2 000 people signed Musa Khawula’s petition. On the same evening, another petition was created by Mihlali’s fans to get Khawula cancelled for his cyber bullying behaviour as well as all the crimes he committed in his past.

“Musa has been bullying people for a very long time hiding behind his “angsabi muntu” and “I said what I said attitude”, this has to stop.

Here are some reactions from fans:

“Coming for Mihlali’s bag actually screams jealousy and witchcraft. I mean HOW DO YOU STOP somebody’s bag?”

“We should not allow what happened to Katlego Maboe to happen to Mihlali…

we actually don’t like people like Musa and the 1000 people that signed that bogus petition in our midst…”

“I am not a fan of Mihlali and the whole love triangle

But this is pure witchcraft, le baloyi lena”

“Since Musa Khawula is adamant in jeopardizing Mihlali ‘s career… We might as well start reporting all he’s social media accounts and also start a partition for him to be removed from ukhozi and simply boycott anything associated with him #musa”

“We’re not doing this for Mihlali Ndamase but it’s for all the people he’s bullied before and the one’s he’ll bully in future,” the petition said.

Do you think should suffer the same fate as Katlego Maboe?

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