Calls for Kelly Khumalo to be arrested

Calls for Kelly Khumalo to be arrested

Calls for Kelly Khumalo to be arrested

Mzansi singer Kelly Khumalo has been gracing headlines since the release of her late baby daddy’s documentary on Netflix, Senzo Meyiwa: Murder Of A Soccer Star in March. Social media users have been pointing fingers at Kelly as the suspect, requesting for cancel culture to take its course with the singer, and now they are calling for her arrest.

The Meyiwa trial remains ongoing in Pretoria High Court although currently postponed until the 30th of May. New developments in the trial include the sudden death of a close witness to the case and an arrest of Advocate Teffo who’s representing the 5 men accused of the murder of footballer Senzo Meyiwa.

The soccer player who played for Orlando Pirates and was captain of the national football team Bafana Bafana was gunned dead at 27 years old outside Kelly Khumalo’s mother’s home in Vosloorus on the East Rand in October 2014, and nearly a decade later, there’s still no conviction for his brutal murder but speculations on who the killer might be keeps resurfacing.

The Ngathwala Ngaye hitmaker is trending yet again on Twitter, this time because users feel that the law did not serve its course for letting Kelly go – they believe she is responsible for the murder of Senzo Meyiwa.

A Twitter user named Sannie wrote, “We must also sign a petition for Kelly Khumalo’s arrest. Senzo Meyiwa’s family deserve justice.” After this tweet gained a few impressions many other users with big accounts also weighed in. Bongza tweeted, “Kelly Khumalo and everyone else who was in that house must be arrested for the death of Senzo Meyiwa.”

Another user named Wade Wilson wrote, “It is mind-blowing how Kelly Khumalo was never eager to explain the events of that night where the father of her kid was killed…”

Other users still believe that Kelly Khumalo must be cancelled, Laurica tweeted, “Kelly Khumalo needs to be cancelled very fast, once she’s not receiving any form of income she will start talking. #SenzoMeyiwaTrial”

In another tweet that has gone viral, user Pop Nana wrote, “Nah man. Kelly Khumalo’s life can’t just continue like that. Stop booking.”

Another user by the name of Chantel Mthethwa wrote, “How Kelly’s life is just continuing as normal baffles me. How does she sleep at night? We have to stop treating Kelly Khumalo like a victim, she’s a witness. Senzo’s family deserves justice. #SenzoMeyiwaTrial.”

Ntombizee Afrika asked on Twitter, “How can Kelly Khumalo sing gospel songs and worship God yet she doesn’t tell us the truth about what happened to Senzi? What kind of Christian is she?”

Another user enlightened the timeline on ways to cancel the musician, “We can’t sign a petition for someone’s arrest, what we can do is to sanction everything that to do with Kelly Khumalo. Don’t go to any concerts that she is part of, don’t watch her reality shows, don’t drink that beverage of hers. This way, she will confess.”

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