Busiswa Slams The Ferguson’s For The Queen’s Current Storyline

Busiswa Slams The Ferguson’s For The Queen’s Current Storyline

Busiswa Slams The Ferguson’s For The Queen’s Current Storyline

Musician Busiswa is not impressed one bit by The Queen’s current storyline on Gender Based Violence. The SBWL collaborator advised the writers and producers to go back to the drawing board and get their facts straight.

Telenovela’s addressing certain societal issues is not a new thing and a few soaps at the moment are centering their storyline’s on the many social ills. On Mzansi Magic, Gomora has created a storyline which forces their viewers to engage in a much needed conversation about males being sexually abused. A topic that is shunned upon by society and rarely addressed.

Gomora High’s newest business studies teacher, Ncebakazi Manzi, played by Sihle Ndaba, her character has caused quiet a stir on the show. She has her eyes set on a high school learner Teddy, played by Sicelo Buthelezi, who is a minor. The two have taken their teacher-scholar relationship to a whole new level and they even shared a bed.

Seeing how Sihle is an adult and Teddy a minor, statutory rape is what many label it, and rightfully so.

On Etv’s Scandal!, they are tackling the issue of mental health, another topic that has become taboo in society. Popular character Stokkies falls in love with a woman he discovers is bipolar. Chevonne’s, the woman in question, mental health issue drives Stokkies to educate himself even more about it.

The telenovela that got under Busiswa’s skin was Mzansi Magic’s The Queen and their rape storyline. The show’s much loved character senior detective Vuyiswa Maake was also raped by a male not known to her. Vuyiswa, played by Zandile Msutwana, is going crazy, losing her mind trying to figure out who s_xually violated her.

Busiswa slammed the telenovela for not correctly portraying how rape victims feel and how they should cope after being raped.

“A senior female cop got raped after “letting go” ONCE: going out & leaving her gun at home. Now other victims in the community are pressuring her to attend (to) their cases PERSONALLY because she “knows how how it feels”… HHAYINI #TheQueenMzansi . Whoever wrote this is not a woman or victim,” she wrote.

“Try to get real stories to incorporate. Your disconnect to the issues is too obvious. No one is crying or talking or inspired or informed or moved by your storylines on rape & abuse.”

As a victim of GBV, this story hits close to home for the musician. She has been abused by two former lovers and she publicly spoke about it.

“In the years between 2013 and 2019, I was in, not one but two abusive relationships.” Said Busiswa. “The first was with Sfiso Mazibuko who abused me physically, psychologically and emotionally. The second was with Katlego Mlangeni, who is the father of my child. He abused me physically, emotionally, financially, not only while we were in a relationship but he came after me four months after our break up to beat me up once again after seeing me out with someone else.”

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