Busiswa Gqulu’s live performance leaves Mzansi talking

Busiswa Gqulu’s live performance leaves Mzansi talking

Busiswa Gqulu’s live performance leaves Mzansi talking

Mzansi singer-songwriter Busiswa left Mzansi in shock after a video of her live performance emerged.

In the video of the live performance, the musician, real name Busiswa Gqulu, appears to be suffering from fatigue. She appears to be having a bad day at the office, and her performance seems somewhat disjointed and underwhelming.

The video of Busiswa’s performance was shared on social media by renowned celebrity and gossip blogger Musa Khawula.

Unsurprisingly, most South Africans appeared shocked at the state of Busiswa during the live performance and remarked as much.

Some people remarked that Busiswa’s performance was the perfect example of why some local artists find it hard to attract audiences. Other social media users argued that Busiswa appeared to be under the influence during her performance.

Some, however, were more charitable and counselled the musician to get more rest and avoid over-scheduling performances.

Below are some of the responses from Mzansi to Busiswa’s latest live performance.

@AneleBooi10: See why I would pay thousands for Beyoncé and nothing for these local celebrities…what the hell was that 😏

@RayH_Musiq: I love this lady, hope she gets it together. It’s hard to have a bad day at work when you’re a performing artist coz it’s in public open to all kinds of scrutiny

@Mwelase_Bandz: I hope she is gonna look at this and do better in her next live performance, She’s a great artist and can do better.

@leo_moloele: That time poor people took their last cents to go see her perform. Most of SA artist don’t take their fans serious🤞🏾.

@allthingsgreyy: Is she on something or she just tired?

@madamzoe: She looks exhausted and stressed and she’s quite good at what she does yazi,on any other day except this one.

@Busani_MtalanaM: She looks exhausted but the boody looks strong, correct me if I’m wrong.

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