Busiswa defends Emtee after Ambitiouz Entertainment shades him

Busiswa defends Emtee after Ambitiouz Entertainment shades him

Emtee and his former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, got into a heated exchange on Twitter and Busiswa was not having any of it. In the latest war of words between Emtee and Ambitiouz, the rapper expressed his sadness about the way his former label allegedly treats him like he has never been valuable to them.

It started when a tweep posted the rapper’s catalogue and mentioned how he has produced one hit after the next. Then @Ambitiouz_Ent gonna treat me like I’m good for nothing,” Emtee said. Ambitiouz responded, saying whenever Emtee mentions them on the TL, their follower numbers increase.

“You understand that each time you notice @Ambitiouz_Ent our following numbers get favored right #PriceToPay,” they tweeted. Emtee authoritatively left Ambitiouz Entertainment in August 2019.

This following quite a while of to and fro between the name and his legal advisors as he was attempting to leave the stable in a genial manner. Fifi Cooper and A-Reece additionally left the stable in what turned into an open fight a couple of years back.

Individual artist Busiswa was not feeling Ambitiouz’s reaction to Emtee and hit back at the organization instruct them to quit humiliating themselves.

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