Businesswoman fears for her life as partnership with Jub Jub ends in tears

Businesswoman fears for her life as partnership with Jub Jub ends in tears

Businesswoman fears for her life as partnership with Jub Jub ends in tears

South African singer and Uyajola 9/9 presenter Jub Jub has been thrust into another scandal surrounding his name – and this time its accusations of abuse against his female business partner Keabetswe Mokoena.

But according to the muso and Moja Love star, the claims are merely “false accusations”

Over the weekend, the star cancelled his Moses Kotane Arts Festival at the last minute over Mokoena’s claims that he “sabotaged” the event. The music fest was expected to take place between 3-4 December at the Moruleng Stadium in North West.

Mokoena and Jub Jub are business partners in NGO Raah Foundation, which was contracted by the government to organize the festival.

In a lengthy statement posted on Instagram, Jub Jub revealed he had canned the music festival to “save my brand”. This, was over bombshell allegations made by Keabetswe Mokoena, who was jointly involved in the organization of the event.

Just days earlier, Mokoena accused the Moja Love star of verbal abuse, harassment, emotional stress, and “substantial harm to her professional reputation and business”. She also accused the musician of trying to benefit from the community project.

Jub Jub responded: “It has been brought to my attention that there are certain allegations leveled against me by an individual I believed to be my business partner with regard to the Moses Kotane Arts festival. I’m not prepared to say much, except that the allegations are not true.”

He continued: “When I started the project my vision was to uplift the arts and mend broken dreams in the community of Moses Kotane, where a lot of the young people have lost hope. I thought that collaborating with certain individuals would make the vision tangible, but it certainly didn’t”.

Jub Jub then flipped the script, accusing Mokoena of exploiting young artists, misappropriating funds, and extorting stakeholders.

He continued: “I had initially wanted to exclude myself from the preparations due to issues of corruption, misuse of funds, and exploitation that were brought to my attention”.

Referring to Mokoena, he added: “The individual who I believe to be my business partner decided to use my name to extort money from key individuals and mislead people with false accusations, bring my brand into disrepute

“I believe in doing business with honesty and integrity and hence I removed myself from all preparations”.

Just days earlier, Keabetswe Mokoena told The Citizen that she “feared” for her life following alleged threats made by Jub Jub.

She told the publication: “I am scared for my life because I do not know what he is planning to do to me when this is over”.

Mokoena also accused Jub Jub of “expelling” young artists and “sidelining” her from the project. The woman also claimed that the Uyajola 9/9 star allegedly insulted her mother’s private parts in a WhatsApp message.

She added: “A woman has fallen victim to abuse in the hands of Jub Jub during 16 Days of Activism”.

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