Bontle Modiselle asked Priddy Ugly out & have been together for 10 years; Check out their love story

Bontle Modiselle asked Priddy Ugly out & have been together for 10 years; Check out their love story

Lovebirds, Bontle Modiselle and Ricardo “Priddy Ugly” Moloi are two peas in a pod. The pair opened a joint Instagram account in January last year and have now launched a joint YouTube channel called Ha Moloi.

In their first video, the couple share their love story and how they met 13 years ago.

“We started off as friends,” they began before Priddy Ugly revealed how Bontle made the first move.

“We were friends for like two years from when I was 16. And then at the end of my matric year a young pretty lady asked me out,” the rapper revealed.

He continued love story by going back to how the pair had met after a girl he was dating died.

“About a week-and-a-half or two weeks after Lerato passed away I was watching an episode of Jika Majika at my grandmother’s house in Soweto with my younger sister, and that was the first time I had seen her. Ironically, I had heard about her in school and thought she was cute when I saw her on TV. Fast-forward to weeks after that where I attended an event called Masters of Rhythm and I really wanted to go there because I knew she was going to be there. But once I was there, I didn’t get to ask for her number or approach her.”

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The rapper then attended several more hip-hop events where he hoped he’d see her and get her number and when that didn’t work, he got a friend of Bontle’s to give him Bontle’s Mxit number.

“I got her numbers and we’d link up and see each other at events. That’s how we became friends and we’d chat a lot,” he said, before Bontle explained her side of the story.

“Naturally, he had seen me before I met him but I had known about him and I was part of the reps (a dance crew) at the time. Myself and the girls in the reps would spazz over this guy and I didn’t have the courage to approach. I thought he was entirely out of my league because I came from a humble home and dressed humbly. I didn’t think he’d like me,” the dancer explained.

Bontle then continued to explain how she became friends with Priddy Ugly and a girl he was dating at the time. She also revealed that she asked him out after she’d been dumped by her boyfriend on her birthday.

“So, I did the right thing and asked him out. And here we are – 10 years later,” she said proudly.

The couple got married in September and welcomed their first child together in November.

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