Bonnie Mbuli Shares Her Thoughts About How To Cure Insomnia

Bonnie Mbuli has shared her thoughts about how to cure insomnia.

Bonnie Mbuli Shares Her Thoughts About How To Cure Insomnia

According to her, she comes from a family of healers and some of the remedies get passed around on their family WhatsApp group.

She made this known in a recent post she made on the popular social media platform, Twitter and the post reads;

“I come from a family of healers & some of the remedies that get passed around on our family whatsapp group r bizarre to say the least, here goes : if ur an insomniac; rub olive oil on your heels before bed, it actually works , don’t ask me, i don’t go here!”

In a recent post, she recounted an incident where he ex-husband called the police to arrest her 10-year-old son.
According to her, she was with her son one of these recent mornings when he broke down crying as he shared a heart-wrenching story with her.

She stated that her son narrated how one afternoon not too long ago, whilst her two kids were with their father, their father suddenly told him to get out of the house because he needed to speak to his brother.

His son then stated that he did as he was told and while roaming the corridors, he spotted two armed policemen entering the flat.

Upon his return, he asked his brother what had happened, and his brother was too traumatized to talk about it.

She added that the father of her kids had actually called the police to intimidate my ten year old son for a silly fight with his older brother that had happened days earlier.

She indicated that during the fight, my younger son pulled out a fork in the kitchen and playfully threatened his older brother with it.

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