Bonang ready to expose this ‘monster’ as relationship ends in tears

Bonang ready to expose this ‘monster’ as relationship ends in tears

Bonang ready to expose this ‘monster’ as relationship ends in tears

South African media personality and businesswoman, Bonang Matheba is on a streak of venting out her frustrations, and next on her radar is Executive Director of CSA Global, Davin Philips. If you may recall, Bonang Matheba went on a Twitter space to announce the end of her relationship with the agency, citing that she suspects of criminal activities. Just a few days later, it was reported by a local publication that Bonang might not fully own House Of BNG, as she was allegedly “muscled out” from being a shareholder.

The TV presenter took to Twitter today to tell her fans to get ready for when she is ready to tell them about Davin Phillips, describing him as a monster.

“Can’t wait to tell you guys about this monster,” she said and then proceeded to add his Twitter handle.

Of course, curiosity grew from her followers as they are curious, how did all of this happen?

Speaking to a local publication, Bonang said she is still fighting for her baby, “There was and still is a huge legal battle around BNG that is still ongoing. I can’t say too much because the matter is sub judice. But BNG is here, doing well. It is my brand; my heart and soul and we are launching something major. There will come a time when I will explain what exactly happened to me and people need to learn from it. It’s a lesson I learned and it’s a mistake that anyone can make and because we trust people, we end up in complicated situations,” she told the paper.

In a statement sent out to a local publication, CSA Global claimed Bonang was fully aware of the arrangements regarding House Of BNG. It reads as follows, “Not only has CSA invested in this venture but we have been significantly instrumental in developing and creating the brand, from the actual naming convention to the route to market, packaging, innovation (MCC, Prestige and coming up with the concept of BNG Nectar – the sparkling wine in a can), the distribution strategy (in which we secured listings in key retailers), creation of the brand CI and the securing of all event partnerships,” claimed the company.

“The truth is that Ms. Matheba earns a royalty on the retail price for each unit sold, while not being exposed to any liability should the business make a loss or is required to be capitalized.”

The statement continued to read, “…any IP, Trademark, copyright developed by CSA, shall remain in the possession of CSA, especially as we have not been paid to develop such assets, and we are the ones who carry all costs to develop such assets. However, Ms. Matheba is fully aware that her earning rights shall continue for so long as earnings on such intellectual property are being received,” they alleged.

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