Bonang Matheba opens theft case against her rumoured boyfriend

Bonang Matheba opens theft case against her rumoured boyfriend

Bonang Matheba opens theft case against her rumoured boyfriend

Bonang Matheba’s relationship with a former business associate who is a Zimbabwean business person turned sour when she opened a case of theft against him in March. The media personality accused the Zimbabwean businessperson of stealing her documents and attempting to obtain a visa for her without her consent.

A source tells the publication that the former business associate was in a romantic relationship with Bonang.

“The complainant alleged that on Tuesday, March 15, she received a call informing her that someone had used her personal documents while trying to apply for a visa for her without her consent,” read the statement according to the publication.

“The suspect who used to work with her is in possession of her personal documents,” read the statement.

A source claims that the charges against the business person were not valid. This is because he had been planning a romantic vacation to the UK for himself and Bonang in March. However, he allegedly ended up ghosting Bonang after a fallout.

“However, the two had fallen out and the trip was put on hold. The businessperson had eventually ghosted Matheba. He doesn’t want anything to do with her, he blocked her everywhere on his phone a long time ago,” said a source to City Press.

The pair allegedly began dating in late 2021 after the media personality returned to South Africa from her one-year stay in New York.

Bonang was said to be in a relationship with the businessperson from late 2021 but in April she revealed she was dating an American guy for four months.

“I have been dating my American guy for about a year and four months now,” she said to Drum.

She revealed that she did not want to introduce her new bae to her followers as yet but she affirmed she was in a happy relationship.

“Showing my relationships has never benefited me in any way. It has brought me worse than good, and I learned that the hard way. I feel like I make more money when people don’t know who I am dating. But I am happy in this relationship. You can see my happiness in my glow and ake shoti ka nex,” she continued.

This comes after Bonang accused Davin Phillips — the owner of her former management company Celebrity Services Africa (CSA) — of stealing from her company.

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