Bonang Matheba Makes A Return To Miss South Africa

Bonang Matheba Makes A Return To Miss South Africa

Bonang Matheba Makes A Return To Miss South Africa

Bonang Matheba has bid goodbye to hosting the Miss South Africa pageant following two years of fronting the most popular pageant in the country. The star has always known when to let go and move on to greater heights as her last stint as the host was on the crowning of now Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi.

The pageant announced that taking over the reins to host this year’s Miss South Africa is much-beloved actress, host, and philanthropist Nomzamo Mbatha. The beloved South African export set to feature on the coming sequel of Eddie Murphy’s iconic film, “Coming to America;” “Coming 2 America,” has a tough journey ahead of her.

The Miss South Africa pageant this year has had been under the spotlight and has rarely been for good reasons. The pageant has been faced with scandal after scandal. First, it was the pageant hopefuls that were either linked to prejudice or just plain out racism, to other hopefuls being purely just know-it-alls that are willing to infringe on the rights of privacy of staff members having lunch together during the pandemic.

When that matter was over and the final contestants were chosen and many believed that the drama was over. The pageant said, “Ha a- Don’t you dare.” The pageant first made South Africans pay to vote for their favorite contestants to win. The pageant cpreated a package which was charged at R20.00 for one vote or R100.00 for 25 votes. As if that was not enough, the pageant has announced that the pageant will be hosted virtually, with an e-ticket available to view the show virtually charged at R99.99 for the full package.

Firstly, many were just surprised that they were going to charge viewers to view the show. However, the pageant has confirmed that an alternative is watching the festivities on Mzansi Magic as it has become traditional. Moreover, people were just shocked by the hidden cost considering that there is a pandemic that resulted in a lockdown that has ensured that close to half of the country’s population is unemployed- So, where would people get the money or data?

But there are little victories like Bonang Matheba’s comeback. Although not as a host of the pageant, the Queen’s and South Africa’s favorite Woolworth “bev,” House of BNG, makes its come back as the official celebratory sponsor for the festivities. This marks the second year in a row that House of BNG does the things.

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