Bonang dragged into DJ Zinhle & Pearl Thusi fight

Bonang dragged into DJ Zinhle & Pearl Thusi fight

Bonang dragged into DJ Zinhle & Pearl Thusi fight

South African media personality Bonang Matheba finds herself catching strays following DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi‘s last night video. The pair is currently trending on Twitter and Bonang Matheba is dragged into their mess for absolutely no reason.

Social media is abuzz following DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi’s video last night at Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena’s birthday celebrations. Although both Pearl Thusi and DJ ZInhle have come forward to clear the air, while DJ Zinhle has rubbished the claims that she was mean to Pearl Thusi.

Bonang Matheba finds herself getting drag into the social media squabble between DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi. As many tweeps believe that DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi’s friendship did not have any foundation apart from having a common enemy which was Bonang Matheba.

“Pearl Thusi deserves way better, she has a good heart. Yes we know she forced that fake friendship from the beginning and their common enemy was Bonang. Dj Zinhle is very bossy and controlling that’s why she befriends and dates people that are younger than her” wrote Lindz Nkwali.

Some tweeps do recall at the height of DJ Zinhle, AKA and Bonang Matheba saga, Pearl Thusi was very vocal and she went on to fight some of DJ Zinhle’s battles. Which led to the birth of their friendship, to a certain extent.

Pearl Thusi’s shady response to DJ Zinhle is proof enough that there is bad blood between the two. Pearl Thusi retweeted DJ Zinhle and basically shaded her from what she previously wrote, which has also gotten tweeps talking.

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