Boity Thulo scammed again?

Boity Thulo scammed again?

Boity Thulo scammed again?

It seems like Tweeps are always looking for an opportunity to take advantage of Boity’s good heart. The rapper yet again fell for another scam when a Twitter user asked her for assistance.

“Hey Boity, can you please help my young brother with a school shoe size 6 for boys. He was nothing to wear when going to school,” a Twitter user asked.

Boity did not hesitate as she quickly responded to this desperate call for help and promised to assist. However many of Boity’s fans quickly came through for her exposing the tweep for the scam that he is. Many shared their private DMs showing Boity their conversations with the same Twitter account asking for the same help.

Boity However seemed calm about the situation, she said what matters is the intention to assist.

Back in 2019, Boity was shattered when she learned that she has been scammed and lied to for a long time. She said she had been helping a young boy finically for almost a year only to find out that he has been using the money to buy drugs. The young man from Alexandra called Boity to confess also begging her to assist him with more money for him to go to rehab.

“I have encountered so many people that I have been blessed to assist and they mostly leave me feeling humbled and grateful. But at times, I am left feeling helpless. I have been financially helping a young man from Alex for the past year and today he just called me to apologize –

“He apologized and said he is ready to confess that he has been using most of the money to buy drugs and that he is begging for my help to take him to rehab. I am so gutted and conflicted. Haai eh eh. Dunno why I’m sharing this but yeah. I’m very sad. What do I do?”

Boity decided to help him, updating her fans then she said she will only assist if he follows certain procedures also made it clear that it was the last time she offers him a helping hand.

Thank you all so much for your advice. I have decided to listen to my spirit & take him to rehab. I’m uncertain of the steps I’ll have to follow from here but this will be my last offering to him. I’ll pray that I am strong enough to stick to my word of walking away if this fails.

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