Boity Thulo causes a storm for tweeting her ‘lockdown shopping’ trip

Boity Thulo causes a storm for tweeting her 'lockdown shopping' trip

Rapper Boity Thulo’s army had to come to her defence after she got dragged for going grocery shopping this past weekend during the national lockdown implemented to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Boity decided to share a bit about her shopping experience on Twitter to help show people how different shopping is under the lockdown.

Instead of the Twitter engagement she hoped for, Boity was dragged by some tweeps, asking her why she was out and about when she should be at home.

She had to set the record straight real quick.

“I’m not out and about shopping. I’m buying food at a grocery store. I’m posting because I can. Clown,” she clapped back to one tweep.

Boity’s fans came to her rescue and told off haters who suggested the rapper went out to “gallivant”.

They defended her, saying because the country is under lockdown doesn’t mean Boity should starve and be scared to go to buy groceries because she will be judged.

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