Boity thanks fans for unwavering support: Your love keeps me going

Boity thanks fans for unwavering support: Your love keeps me going

TV personality and rapper Boity finally opened up about her struggles with her record label, her battle to get rid of the “thickums” version of herself and whether she plans on introducing Mzansi to her father in what was the “realest” episode of her reality TV show yet.

Fans filled Boity’s TL with love as they watched her narrate her struggles on their small screens, encouraging her to keep her head high through it all. Even though some of the issues she addressed in the show have been public for a while, fans were grateful that Boity didn’t hide the “not so great” moments in her otherwise glamorous life.

“Now I feel bad for wanting new music … yeah no, we honestly don’t know what happens behind scenes. You’ll get through everything. You’re strong,” one fan tweeted during the show.

As the front row seat to Boity’s life gets cosier, fans have also been able to ask her if she’ll ever include her father in her show. Boity said no, at least not in the current season.

But more than anything, Boity is grateful for the love she gets from her fans, which she said keeps her going.

“Thank you wholeheartedly to all my supporters. Honestly, your love keeps me going.

“I know things are incredibly tough right now so it’s important that we try as much as possible to keep a positive attitude. There is nothing better than gratitude. I am very thankful for my health and safety,” she also said.

Many others flooded her TL with encouraging words as she spoke about how she was ready to get her “old” body back. Boity has opened up about how much weight gain has affected her before.

In the show, Boity even told her mom – who told her that she’s fine as is – that she was going to fight to get her body back.

In an interview with Drum magazine, Boity said her hectic work schedule left little or no time for gym, which resulted in her gaining weight.

“Last year I didn’t post any bikini pictures because I was feeling fat and my clothes really didn’t fit. People who say ‘a little bit of weight gain’ are being kind. I’ve gained a lot of weight. My mom even disses me a few times on the show about it.

“It’s something I’m very insecure about. I even got rid of my scale when I saw how much weight I gained. But I’m working on getting my body back,” she revealed.

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