Boity: I Plan to be a Mother by 2025

Boity Thulo has been blessed with almost everything. A big house, cars, looks and money to fix any of the three if they ever broke.

The 29 year old is however still waiting for her first child, and she has now given herself a timeline of 5 years.

It is every woman’s dream to become a mother one day. Boity is no different but the fear of having kids with the wrong man may have stopped her so far.

In a Sunday tweet, the reality TV star wrote, “Lately, when I get asked “What’s your 5 year plan?”, my answer is simply MOTHERHOOD. I can’t wait to have children.”

Boity’s dating life always makes news in gossip columns. However at the moment, no one is sure whether she is seeing anyone. She reportedly dumped her previous boyfriend in December last year.

It’s therefore safe to assume that between now and 2025, things will move pretty fast.

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