Boity hopeful for second season of reality show

Boity hopeful for second season of reality show

Boity is bidding farewell to her successful reality show, and while fans are wondering how Wednesday nights will ever be the same again, the media personality and rapper has hinted that the show could return for a second season.

Although she was hesitant at first to have her own reality show, she has said several times on social media that Boity: Own Your Throne has allowed her to control her narrative.

Speaking on Metro FM’s Morning Flava this week, Boity opened up about her reality show and said she was excited about the possibility of a second season.

“At first I was taking my chance with the idea of a reality show. After I saw the way it unfolded and responses I got from everyone, it was far better than I thought it would be – so much so that I would really love to do another season.”

In her first season, viewers watched Boity pursue her musical and spiritual journey. They were also introduced to her “melodramatic” now-former friend Bobby Blanco, and her “very on top of things” manager Bash.

They also got to see the dog lover side of Boity, who owns two Pomeranian puppies, Asante and Sana.

In an interview with Glamour magazine recently, Boity explained her initial hesitance with having a reality show.

“I’m a private person who usually shies away from revealing too much of my personal life on social media or in interviews. As long as you’re in this industry, you barely get to keep anything to yourself,” she said.

“Even though I’m used to being in front of the camera, having them in my home took quite an adjustment. I was strict about the areas the crew could access. The only rooms you’ll see on the show are my lounge and kitchen. No one was allowed in my bedroom or bathroom because boundaries were important.”

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