Boity dishes on her relationship with Maps: There are no vibes, we are homies

Boity dishes on her relationship with Maps: There are no vibes, we are homies

After weeks of swirling romance rumours, Boity has spilt the tea on her relationship with Maps Maponyane.

Viewers of Boity’s reality show, Boity: Own Your Throne, were given a front and centre view of their, uh, “friendship”, which includes a lot of lingering hugs, touching and a kiss.

There was definitely no preventive one-metre space between them or self-isolation, especially when they were leaning on each other while Boity ordered her burger.

Viewers watched the rapper pay Maps a visit at his restaurant and she said she was just grateful to be able to support her “friend”.

But when the topic of love came up, Boity made it clear that there are “no vibes” between them.

“There is no vibes between me and Maps, we are homies. Geez!” she said, shifting uncomfortably.

Later she said the pair were close.

“We are not cosy. We are friends. We are comfortable …”

Boity even joked that she wanted to be by his side as his best woman when he gets married. Maps responded by saying she would be right next to him, suggesting she may be the bride.

“He is single, I am assuming. I am single. Why don’t we just get married. We would look cute together. Our kids would be really pretty. We would be a power couple. No, I am joking,” Boity added.

But fans were not convinced and flooded social media with messages and memes suggesting that the pair are totes a thing!

They have even started imagining the babies the pair might have!

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