Blood and Water Season Two coming soon

Blood and Water Season Two coming soon

Blood and Water Season Two coming soon

The first season of Blood and Water stole the hearts of many people across the world, with its intriguing storyline and cliff-hangers, which constantly left fans curious about what might unfold in the next episode.

The teen series tells a tale of Puleng Khumalo, who is investigating the cold case of her older sister, Fikile Bhele who was abducted at birth. Puleng believes that a Parkhurst student, Fikile, is her sister and she gets herself transferred to that school to investigate the case.

In the last episode of the show, Puleng tells Fikile that she thinks she is her sister, and season 2 will probably reveal whether they are related or not. The Director of the series Nosipho Duma, recently confirmed through Netflix’s social media that a second season of the series is coming.

One of the main characters of the series Thabang Molaba who plays KB, recently posted a series of Instagram stories, touching down in Cape Town and Ama Qamata screaming “Its Blood and Water season 2 baby.

Blood and Water Season Two coming soon

Blood and Water features a star-studded cast which includes Natasha Thahane, Ama Qamata, Gail Mabalane, and Sello Maake-Ka Ncube.

Speaking about working with the likes of Nasty C and Natasha Thahane, Thabang recently said. “It was a great experience, I feel like in this journey of acting I am still learning, I’m not really a pro yet even when I do become a pro I will still be learning, so I always pick up from everyone that I get to act with, in whatever show that I do, so it was a great experience learning wisely.”

Since Blood and Water was released, many have been praising it, and Ama said they are very humbled by the rave reviews.

“The reactions have been very overwhelming in a good way, I think we are all also humbled by them, Blood and Water of we are very grateful that people genuinely love the show, we worked so hard on the projects. All those long days on set it was all worth it, but we also enjoyed making the show, so it’s been humbling and we are grateful,” she told ZAlebs.

The series was directed by Nosipho and Ama Qamata praised her work ethic.

“Nosipho really held our hands throughout the entire process, especially with the scenes that were emotionally draining and challenging. She really gave us time to have that moment before she would call the action. We could ask for time, to gather ourselves s and she would take us through the scenes so we were really under good guidance as well.

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