Black Coffee’s R350 000 shoes leave Twitter speechless – Photo

Black Coffee’s R350 000 shoes leave Twitter speechless

Black Coffee’s R350 000 shoes leave Twitter speechless – Photo

Black Coffee’s love for the finer things in life has been a constant for South Africa’s leading DJ’ing export. Since having stepped into the big time, the DJ has shown that soft life is real in cars, arts, and fashion. However, the constant referral to the price tag for the brands he wears has finally caught his attention too. And now he is not ashamed to address the matter on social media.

Whenever Black Coffee posts an image of himself, tweeps are quick to take out their google search to investigate what he is wearing and the price tag. Tweeps have made it a part of their sport with Black Coffee. So when Black Coffee went on Twitter to post an image of him providing rich-uncle vibes, tweeps knew what time it is.

One such social media user was the first to comment on the post by focusing on the loafers that the “SBCNSCLY,” featuring Sabrina Claudio hitmaker was wearing. The comment was clearly to get a reaction as the social media user got many details of the loafers incorrect. First, the brand of the loafers was incorrect. Secondly, the tweep referred to the loafers as butterfly shoes. And thirdly, and this is where Black Coffee could not help but comment- the social media user estimated the shoe to cost R350 000.00.
Black Coffee’s R350 000 shoes leave Twitter speechless – Photo
While the “La la la,” featuring Usher producer might be rich-rich, he clearly could let the misinformation go unattended. Black Coffee took to the comments section of the post and pointedly called out the tweep for lying. But it seemed that he was in good spirits about the continued social media banter by adding a laughing face. And the tweep could not help continuing the fun by adding another thousand to the estimate.

For clarity’s sake, what Black Coffee was actually wearing were Gucci leather loafers. There are two popular options for men with the shoe that Black Coffee opted for.

The first is the trademark loafers that have the Gucci color strip incorporated under the metal chain detail. Then the second version is the one that Black Coffee is wearing that does not have the Gucci color strip added to the shoe.
It is clear that as much as he might love brands, what Black Coffee loves more is subtly. Most of the items chosen by him are devoid of ostentatious brand markings, but once put into a Google search the truth and is exposed.

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