Big Zulu Fires At Imposter

Big Zulu Fires At Imposter

Big Zulu Fires At Imposter

Award-winning rapper and record label owner Big Zulu has had enough of people stealing his identity on Social Media. Today he took to Instagram to warn his over half a million followers about the fake account under his name.

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Big Zulu scored himself a South African Music Awards nomination again this year. He is nominated for the Best Collaboration for his hit song Mali Eningi featuring Ricky Rick and Intaba Yase Dubai.

Speaking about Mali Eningi, Big Zulu told Daily Sun that the song was inspired by the challenges faced by black people.

“When I wrote that song, I was looking at situations that black people go through and saw that doing the song alone is not enough. I decided to help families that need help because I have a bit to share,” he shared.

He recently dropped two episodes of his YouTube series called Inhlupheko Siyayinqoba. The episodes show him giving back to the needy.

A few weeks ago, Big Zulu made it clear that he is not the kind to be messed with, this after social media activist Nota Baloyi accused him of paying payola for his airplay.

Nota wrote: “@BigZulu_ZN better watch his back, front, and his side because he’s out there riding in the Rap Lyf bus, recording his album at Rap Lyf Studios, he doesn’t know what he’s got himself into. I pray he keeps Nkabi Records to himself sadly all his airplay is from PAYOLA, like Rap Lyf.

“Sadly @TLTamazing had to sacrifice their sound and their dreams to make Rap Lyf look like something it wasn’t. Makwa brought those dudes together then abandoned them for a bag. Now he’s paid in car installments. Not to worry gents, I’ll help where I can. That’s that on that!”

Responding to the accusations, Big Zulu told Nota to stop involving his name in his agendas, he said “not every war only ends up in the paper.”

“Ngicela ungafaki igama lam ungafaki igama le Nkabi Records entweni zenu akuyona yonke impi ephelela ephepheni kimi” which loosely translate: “Please do not include my name and do not include the name of Nkabi Records in your things, not every war ends up in the paper for me.”

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