Big Brother Mzansi prize money announced

Big Brother Mzansi prize money announced

Big Brother Mzansi prize money announced

The prize money for the return of the Big brother Mzansi Reality Show has been announced and it’s huge. The housemates in Big Brother’s house will battle for the biggest prize money ever.

The show will be broadcast across the African continent to increase its reach and appeal on the market.

While the Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 auditions have officially closed, you may be interested in auditioning in season four. The show revealed they look for authentic individuals who are willing to divulge their private thoughts to strangers without feeling ashamed of themselves. The contestants must be able to live for a hundred days in a camera-filled house and unusual conditions.

While in Season four the show might propose other different methods of auditioning, season three saw would be housemates filling a form with their details and making a two-minute video explaining why they would be the perfect housemates.

The show producers urged contestants to be ‘real’ in their auditioning, other than trying to impress the judges with their dressing or acting skills. Contestants must also be true to themselves when they fill the form writing their personal information such as career, hobbies, education, parents and other personal details.

Season three is currently on the vetting stage and contestants who made it to the interviews stage will be notified no later than 28 November.

Where are the contestants of the previous season? Chelsea, the woman known to be loud is now living a quiet life. She is working as a restaurant manager in Qatar. She was Mbali Nkosi’s partner.

Matthias Matthee, the businessman from Cape Town known to live a quiet life is now a leather artisan. She also shaved his famous dreadlocks.

The joint winners Ntombi and her husband Ace were busted for drug possession, but have since disappeared from the public eye.

The prize money for Big Brother Mzansi season 3 has been announced as R 2 million. Contestants will be fighting to put their hands on the life-changing prize money.

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