Best African blends to soften hair

African blends – women’s hair is their crown, and getting healthy and soft hair is every woman’s dream. Therefore, obtaining fine hair requires the use of cosmetic and chemical creams, with positive results in the near term and negative results in the long run.

Some women also resort to styling and smoothing devices, which over time affect hair damage.

We offer you some African blends, who care about the health and freshness of their skin and their feeling, they are famous for doing many natural recipes to maintain the health and beauty of their appearance and look always. In this article, I offer you the best African blends ever to soften and straighten hair.

Henna helps to clear the scalp and fight any microbes. It also reduces the secretion of sweat and makes your hair clean and gets rid of fat.

Henna also helps nourish African hair and give it vitality, shine, and density. Other than that henna treats hair loss and prevents the appearance of gray hair.


Two tablespoons of henna
A spoonful of milk
A spoonful of fenugreek mixtures
Three tablespoons of coffee
A quarter cup of cold mint syrup

How to use African blends
Mix the ingredients together, then apply the resulting mixture to the hair.

2- Leave the recipe for three hours on the hair.

3 – Wash your hair with lukewarm water and the result will appear within 3 days.

Olive oil helps you moisturize and soften hair. It also strengthens the roots of follicles and combats hair loss. It also prevents split ends and gives your hair vitality especially for light hair. It also prevents dandruff and lengthens hair and eyelashes.

Ingredients African blends
Half a cup of cranberries
A spoonful of olive oil
A spoonful of yogurt
Half a spoonful of honey
A quarter of a mashed banana

How to use African blends

1.Mix all ingredients together until well combined.

2- Put the recipe on the hair and leave it for an hour.

3 – Wash your hair with lukewarm water and repeat the recipe twice a week.

Honey helps soften and moisturize hair, as well as having antioxidant properties that help promote hair growth and improve scalp condition. Honey also helps to cleanse the scalp and protect it from certain skin diseases such as eczema and prevents the appearance of dandruff

Ingredients African blends

A quarter cup of honey
A quarter cup of olive oil

How to use

1 – Mix honey with olive oil, and then apply the resulting mixture on the hair until it penetrates to the scalp.

2- Leave the recipe on your hair for an hour.

3 – Wash your hair, making sure to repeat the mixture three times a week.

4 – The result will appear on the hair after 3 weeks.