Benjamin Dube shocked by a Fan who got a Tattoo of Him

Benjamin Dube shocked by a Fan who got a Tattoo of Him

Thanks to the age of social media, it does not take much for those extreme acts of admiration to reach the celebrity. Gospel star Benjamin Dube is the latest celeb to have a fan dedicate a tattoo to him.

Showing that she is a true fan of the veteran gospel musician, a woman got the words “The Tribe of Benjamin Dube” tattooed on the side of her neck. Sharing the picture and in complete awe, Benjamin Dube said “I couldn’t believe this. Tattooed: ‘Tribe of Benjamin Dube’. Wow, Zoleka!,” he commented.

Under the comment’s section where people who did not encourage such behaviour because of the level of ‘obsession’ displayed by the fan. He was told not to applaud such as it comes off as idolatry and quoting bible verses to back up their point.

“As long she is happy it’s none of our concern. People have tattoos of Popstars, no one is concerned. The righteous shall live by faith. You can bring all the scriptures to dispute what she did.If she lives by faith in God’s eyes she is righteous,” one commented.

Another asked, “Bishop, you seem touched by this. Why are you allowing people to idolise you?

Responding to the ‘backlash’ Benjamin Dube defended the woman by also quoting a bible verse, saying she will be saved whether tattooed or not.

“God tattooed us on the palm of His hand …Isaiah 44:5/49:16. Christ saves both tattooed and the clean. I’m not really moved by this, just surprised,” he said.

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