Ben Affleck reveals what he hates about his life

Ben Affleck reveals what he hates about his life

Ben Affleck reveals what he hates about his life

Ben Affleck seemingly has a beef with popularity, but Jennifer Lopez appears to allegedly drag him in every publicity stunt. While many celebrities might enjoy making the headlines from time to time, the husband of Jennifer Lopez shunned fame in a recent confessional because it had taken away his privacy.

As per the findings of Animated Times, the Batman v. Superman actor weighed in on his life as an A-listed celebrity. The American actor began his conversation by admitting, “I’m not built to be famous. I don’t like it, you can keep it.”

With that being said, the 53-year-old actor accepted that he did enjoy some perks of being a celebrity. However, these ‘trivial’ benefits such as skipping lines at Disneyland and dodging speeding tickets ‘do not hold’ much value for Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband.

Before concluding the confessional, Ben Affleck observed that the sole reason he would take projects was that he wanted to leave his mark on the audience through his acting skills.

As fans will know, this comes after an insider revealed to In Touch Weekly that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage was put ‘at risk’ by Jennifer’s new antics.

These claims came after the This is Me… Now songstress was reportedly publicizing her intimate moments with Ben Affleck, but Ben appeared to dislike “all the scrutiny.” The source dished, “All the social media posts and constant PDA, it’s already over the top.”

“Now using her marriage and private moments to promote her album is serving her relationship up on a platter for the public to devour again,” adding, “Everyone’s predicting it will blow up in her face,” after which they signed off.

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