Bad News :Simphiwe Dana’s mom a retired nurse tested positive for Covid-19

Bad News :Simphiwe Dana’s mom a retired nurse tested positive for Covid-19

Bad News :Simphiwe Dana's mom a retired nurse tested positive for Covid-19

One of songstress Simphiwe Dana’s greatest feelings of dread materialized as of late when her mom, a resigned nurture who had as of late came back to work in a mature age home, tried positive for Covid-19.

Simphiwe took to her Twitter record to share that her mom had been determined to have Covid-19 and was as of now recouping at home.

The songstress communicated her concern since her mom experiences diabetes yet in addition communicated her expectation that she would make a full recuperation.

“My mother has been determined to have the coronavirus. She is a resigned nurture who returned to work for a mature age home since nursing to her is a calling. She is recouping at home and is by all accounts OK. She has diabetes. Still I have confidence she will get through,” she said.

Not long ago, Simphiwe shared that her mom was returning to work in spite of her earnest attempts to stop her. She included that in her edgy endeavor to make her mom surrender her arrangement to work during a worldwide pandemic, she had even gone similar to offering to cover her bills.

Be that as it may, her mom demanded.

“My mom is a medical attendant at a slight consideration place. I have offered her cash to remain at home. In any case, she demands that her patients need her. My nervousness levels are high as can be. In any case, such are medical attendants’ hearts. Truly, I offered to cover for her tabs so she doesn’t need to work,” she said at that point.

Half a month prior, it appeared Simphiwe had at long last figured out how to persuade her mom to quit working. In any case, it appears that it was at that point past the point of no return by at that point.

Her fans have overwhelmed her remark area with well wishes for her mom, saying thanks to her for her heart and wishing her an expedient recuperation.

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