Ayanda Thabethe: There are a lot of conflicting messages on government lockdown regulations

Ayanda Thabethe: There are a lot of conflicting messages on government lockdown regulations

Television character and entertainer Ayanda Thabethe is the most recent mzansi celeb to scrutinize government’s lockdown guidelines, asserting that frequently the message originating from authority was clashing.

Ayanda said something regarding a discussion about the guidelines this week after creator Khaya Dlanga posted an announcement on Instagram approaching the administration to “gracefully reasons behind specific choices”, contending that it can prompt purchase in from general society.

“As individuals become progressively disappointed with the manner in which the legislature imparts needs a reexamine,” Khaya said.

Indeed, even the Sunday Times has now revealed that the Govt is staying quiet about some data of the Covid-19 infection to maintain a strategic distance from alarm.

The transition to keep the information out of the open eye comes after a prior model on which the severe lockdown was based was intensely condemned.

Ayanda said she felt a similar path subsequent to hearing the president talk as of late.

“That was one of my remarks after the president gave his location. There was a great deal of data missing that he expected to gracefully, given the setting wherein he transferred that we ought to lock in.”

She said there were regularly clashing messages from the to.

“There are heaps of clashing messages like kids going to class while guardians are required to remain at home. There should be lucidity and reason behind these choices so they are comprehended by all,” she said.

Ayanda has been vocal about the lockdown guidelines as of late.

After the latest location by President Cyril Ramaphosa, she stated: “I don’t have the foggiest idea how I feel after that address. I realize the pastors will extend yet I was seeking after more subtleties from the president himself.”

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