Ayanda Ncwane reveals she died in hospital

Ayanda Ncwane reveals she died in hospital

Ayanda Ncwane reveals she died in hospital

South African TV personality and businesswoman, Ayanda Ncwane allegedly died and later came back to life.

Ayanda revealed the shocking news in a video clip.

In the video clip, she said she was admitted to the hospital when she experienced spiritual attacks.

“It was 2am, and I had an encounter in the spirit realm.

“A very large being, huge like a giant came over towards my bed. It pressed me, and after that, it whispered in my ears.

“It said, ‘We came to collect your soul, you’re dying today’. I cannot really explain how I felt, but I saw myself standing next to myself,” she said.

“The first picture was my youngest son, then my elder son. It went so fast. I saw my life literally everything in seconds. The spirits kept on speaking. They said they came to fetch me. That I’m dying today. That is when I turned around and saw two nurses talking to each other and looking at my body.”

Ayanda said at that moment, she realized that she had two bodies.

“I rebuked the spirit, but it was so strong for me. It kept on pulling me back towards the door, and I kept thinking, ‘My God, I’m dying’. But I didn’t want to surrender. Something in me kept on fighting. I refused to leave my children,” she said.

Ayanda said when the spirit was about to take her spiritual body out of the hospital door, she heard a voice calling her name.

She said the voice told her that her assignment on Earth had not yet been done or started.

“The voice brought me back to life to fulfil God’s mandate,” said Ayanda.

“The nurses were shocked. They said, ‘Ayanda you’re not dead’.

“The first words that I said to God were, ‘I heard you Father, you’ve been speaking to me. Thank you for giving me the last chance’.

“Telling my children that mommy died and came back was the most difficult part. They never understood,” Ayanda said.

She said that from now she’d preach the Word of God and pray for the sick.

Pastor Songezo Joseph Fulani said such instances were common.

“I know a few people who experienced this. It’s difficult to say if she died or if it was just a dream or a near-death experience because there’s no proof.

“But I also know that God can make miracles and bring a person to life after death. But some fake pastors pretend,” Fulani said.

When the publication called Ayanda for comment, she didn’t answer her phone and text messages.

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