Ayanda Borotho to help out those in need during Covid-19 pandemic

Ayanda Borotho to help out those in need during Covid-19 pandemic

On-screen character Ayanda Borotho is set for help the poor who have been hard hit during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Isibaya entertainer shared her endeavors to assist outside nationals during a meeting with eNCA which she shared on Instagram.

“A gathering of companions and myself concluded that we ought to get together to perceive how we can help out in this time … particularly to the individuals who weren’t found and were not getting nourishment bundles. This is on the grounds that they were remote nationals who didn’t approach SA IDs … no doubt about it we set up our muscles.

Ayanda said she wasn’t aware at first that there were so many people in need of food.
It’s been eye-opening to see the number of people in our country who are desperate for food is just unbelievable, it is something that I have not seen on the scale that I have seen it on … but it’s also heartbreaking.

“It’s heartbreaking to know that even the government does come to help to assist, you have people who come for second food parcels when other people have not received anything like grannies and grandfathers who are stuck at home who aren’t able to walk and stand in long queues to get their food parcels.” Last week the actress shared a call to action for South Africans, as the country continues the fight against the coronavirus.

Ayanda encouraged her followers on Instagram to step up and take care of their own instead of waiting for the government to step in. She explained that the government was trying but won’t be able to help everybody during this difficult time.

“The truth of the matter is, the government does not have the capacity to help everybody who needs help at this time. It’s not possible. The majority of South Africans live below the poverty line. The people who live in poverty, in real dire poverty, are in excess of 40 million in this country and that’s just a fact. I don’t know if the government — with the resources that they have — will really be able to help everyone at this time,” she said.

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