Austin Mothapo On Playing Noah And The Hot Klaap GIF

Austin Mothapo On Playing Noah And The Hot Klaap GIF

Austin Mothapo On Playing Noah And The Hot Klaap GIF

Skeem Saam actor, Austin Mothapo who plays the role of Noah on Skeem Saam is often confronted by angry fans who have trouble separating the actor and the character.

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Austin’s character has done it all: Noah started a fire at Maphosa Nutz that ended up killing Koloi’s mother. He’s continuously lied to his mother, Mokgadi about who or what he’s done. He’s stabbed his uncle, Thabo Maputla who almost lost his life. He’s also cheated and stolen from his family and friends.

This is what the actor said when he was asked in an interview about his character: “It hasn’t been that bad to be honest. Maybe in time it will be worse. It hasn’t got to the point where people are fighting with me, they just tell me that I must not be naughty. People tell me to stop lying. I think it will get to the point where I will have to stop going to the mall.”
Whilst Austin still has the privilege of going out to the mall without being harassed, he says he avoids social media because of the negative energy it brings.
The actor also says he avoids social media: “I don’t know what people are saying about me there. I will go on the Skeem Saam fan pages to see what they are writing. But, generally, I stay away and avoid it.”
The actor was trending last week when he got the warm clap of a decade from his step-father, Leeto Maputla. While fans of the show were shocked by Leeto’s outburst, most viewers of the show were thrilled that someone finally put Noah in his place.
Here is a scene of Noah confronting Leeto about Tumishang and getting the famous warm #SlapOfTheYear!

Current storyline: Noah was stalking Leeto last week when he overhead Mokgadi and Leeto discussing Tumishang case…he was chuffed to discover that his squeaky-clean step-father actually covered up a murder.

Although he initially lied about stalking his step-father to his mother, nobody believed that he didn’t go to the Maputla’s to anger Leeto and rub salt to the wounds.

Here are some interesting facts about the actor:
Although Austin looks like a teenager, he’s actually 5 years older than his character, Noah. Austin is 23 years old this year.

Austin is multitalented actor…besides acting, Austin is a photographer, film producer, and a model, when he’s not busy shooting for his role on Skeem Saam.

The actor completed his tertiary education at the Tshwane University of Technology and he’s one of the brand ambassadors for Audi South Africa.

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