Anele Mdoda warns Mzansi

Anele Mdoda warns Mzansi

Anele Mdoda warns Mzansi

Anele Mdoda has called the attention of her fans and followers against one ‘fake Anele’ impersonating her.

The star made this known through her Twitter as this is not the first time such a thing is happening.

According to a tweet by her show, it says that there is a new scam that is using Anele’s identity to scam people.

It also says that the real Anele is trying to get hold of the fake one but its not coming forth.

“[SCAM ALERT] There is a new scam on the block and the culprit is using @Anele’s identity to scam people. The real Anele tried to get ahold of the fake Anele but to no avail”

Anele also warns her fans to not believe what people are selling in her name on any social media platforms unless she says so on radio.

“Okes don’t believe people selling anything with my name on what’s app or anywhere else for that matter unless I say so here or on radio. Please don’t get scammed!!!!”

See tweet below:

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