Vusi Nova introduces his new alter ego Snova

Vusi Nova introduces his new alter ego Snova

Vusi Nova introduces his new alter ego Snova

Local award-winning singer Vusi Nova these days is not only rocking a new look but also a new alter ego, Snova. As the top charting singer ventures into amapiano music, he has undertaken the moniker Snova.
This Friday, the singer will be releasing a new amapiano single “Shuku Shuku” under the new alias.

In a recent Instagram Live, the “Ndikuthandile” hitmaker previewed his first amapiano song, “Shuku Shuku”.

Before playing the song, the singer whose real name is Vusumzi Nongxa explained a little bit about his alter ego, which he described as “crazy.

It’s not Vusi Nova who has done this track, it’s Snova. Snova is the crazy Vusi Nova. Vusi Nova is a nice guy. Snova is a bit crazy in the head,” explains Vusi Nova in the clip.

The award-winning singer proves he is versatile and fits right into the genre on his first amapiano song.

“Shuku Shuku” comes at the right time, it’s festive and everyone is in a dance mood and this track will get you shaking.
The artist explained to Drum Magazine, the booked and busy Vusi Nova won’t be going anywhere but just wanted a bit of change and introduced Snova.

“Vusi Nova is not going anywhere. He will always be there. Matter of fact, he is booked back-to-back this festive season. But I’ve just decided to introduce Snova who is an amapiano artist,” he said. The popular musician has also been seen out and about rocking a new hairstyle.

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