Andile Mpisane’s New Wife Allegedly Pregnant – Photo

Andile Mpisane’s New Wife Allegedly Pregnant – Photo

Andile Mpisane’s New Wife Allegedly Pregnant – Photo

Andile Mpisane recently rocked the country when he got engaged to Tamia Louw, now Mrs. Tamia Mpisane as loved ones are affectionately calling her. But amidst rumours that she is pregnant, fans are now more confused than ever before.

Mzansi recently woke up to the shocking news that Andile Mpisane got engaged to Tamia, which was particularly heartbreaking as he had been linked to his baby mama DJ Sithelo Shozi. Many assumed that the surprise wedding was because Tamia is pregnant, a rumour that has been going around for quite some time now.

However, in videos posted by Andile, the new bride-to-be was spotted drinking what looks like alcohol. The two were celebrating their new marriage with their friends and family, and as the groom danced with a bottle of Moet and Chandon, the bride was seen sipping from a champagne flute that many assumed contained the same drink Andile was carrying.

Naturally, tweeps are surprised that she would drink while pregnant, while everybody knows you’re not supposed to do that. And as the video is confusing to many, they are poking holes in the couple’s whole story, and wondering whether Tamia is truly pregnant or she’s faking the whole thing.

It is a wonder what benefit there would be to faking a pregnancy. Some are suggesting that it could have been the reason Andile married her so suddenly, which we suppose would make some sense.

However, fans have also been very aware that MaMkhize never approved of her son’s relationship with Sithelo, and had always hoped to find someone else for him. In fact, following the impromptu wedding, many fans concluded that Andile was influenced by his mother, which would be believable as he is only 20 years old, and clearly still under her control most of the time, as tweeps have often speculated.

Either way, tweeps are still reeling from what he did to Sithelo. After their turbulent relationship and how long they have kept Mzansi guessing, Andile really hit us with the ultimate plot twist with his proposal and ‘marriage’.

It remains to be seen what will come of the pregnancy rumours. If they are indeed true, then it was rather irresponsible for the new bride to be drinking in her condition. If false, we hope some clarification will come about, of why such a thing could be faked… unless it was all a misunderstanding and Mzansi got it wrong.

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