Ambitiouz Entertainment do DJ Zinhle dirty

Ambitiouz Entertainment do DJ Zinhle dirty

Ambitiouz Entertainment do DJ Zinhle dirty

Just a few days ago, Africa’s number one female DJ, DJ Zinhle took to her social media to communicate with her fans that her latest song, titled Thula, was removed from streaming platforms i.e. Apple Music and iTunes.

At the time, the businesswoman said that they were still trying to figure it out. Well, according to a source who spoke to Zimoja, Ambitiouz Entertainment is allegedly behind Zinhle’s headache.

Thula was released in July and features songstress Busisiwe “Cici” Thwala, who recently parted ways with the controversial music label.

When her departure was made public in June this year, as Sunday World that she had left Ambitiouz a couple of months ago.

“The exploitation at Ambitiouz Entertainment is only bearable if you are a newcomer in the music industry and you are seeking to make a name for yourself.

“But the seasoned singers like Cici who just can’t stand it leave the label in great numbers,” the source said.

Ambitiouz Entertainment do DJ Zinhle dirty

According to Zimoja sources, her departure was not amicable. A source alleged that although Cici stuck to her end of the deal, Ambitiouz claims that she still owes them an album.

“Anything she releases will have to go to court until she is free to leave the label,” said the source.

The source further alleged that Zinhle and Ambitiouz had a lengthy discussion about the song and it was agreed that the Umlilo hitmaker would credit the record label on the track.

Thula is back on Apple Music, Spotify and other sites with Ambitiouz as one of the credits.

Since it’s inception in 2015, over 14 artists have left Ambitiouz i.e A-Reece, Fifi Cooper, Amanda Black, Emtee, B3nchmarq, Sjava, Saudi, Miss Pru, City Lyts, Londie London, Intaba Yase Dubai, Blaq Diamond, Lunatic Beat, Malome Vector and S’Villa. Some of these artists have expressed discontentment and unhappiness upon leaving the company.

In June this year, Ambitiouz was ordered by the South Gauteng High Court to pay all the costs of the interdict Blaq Diamond filed against them last year.

The music group – made up of singers Ndumiso “Ndu Browns” Mdletshe and Siphelele “Danya Devs” Dunywa – successfully interdicted YouTube and Ambitiouz Entertainment from deleting their music from their YouTube channel and all distributing platforms.

The duo’s lawyer Jade Louella Naidoo revealed last week that they had win again against Ambitiouz.

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